2018 Free Tools Pledge Drive

This Community Rocks!

The generosity of the Dungeon & Mutant Crawl Classics community is just amazing. The 2018 Free Tools Pledge Drive is complete, and 141 supporters helped us raise over $4500! Good grief that is incredible. This makes so many things possible that I just couldn't do on my own. Here is just a partial list of what the funds have already made possible:

Once all the planned purchases are covered, a small percentage of the proceeds will be added to a fund I'm building so that my son and I can hopefully meet many of you at GenCon 2020!


The list of winners and rewards have been posted to the Purple Sorcerer Blog!

Adventure Rewards

Most of you should have received your free adventures. If you donated between $10 and $35 and didn't specify which adventure you prefered, you should have received a follow up email asking for your choice. (If you haven't responded, I'll send out your code as soon as I receive your preference!) Everyone who let me know their choice, or who donated $35 or more should have received your RPGNow codes. If you haven't, first check your spam folder, then contact me at info (at) purplesorcerer.com if you don't see them!

Below you can read the information from when the drive was live!

I’m thrilled that so many judges and players in the DCC community continue to find great value in our free tools. Whether it's our character generators (nearly 10,000,000 peasants created!), The Crawler's Companion dice-rolling and reference app, our custom spellbook utility, or one of the easy to use demon, dragon, or magic sword generators, each tool has been built with the simple purpose of making it easier for everyone to enjoy the Dungeon Crawl Classics Role-Playing Game!

Time Remaining in the 2018 Drive

($3000 Stage One Goal: 100% Complete! Thank you!)
Stage 2 Goal: 79% ($1575)

Why We Have a Yearly Fundraiser

Our tools are free, and will always be free. But there are a number of expenses associated with creating, maintaining, testing, publishing, and hosting the free tools, including server costs, development fees, the need for new hardware, mobile devices for app testing, and various software expenses. These would be challenging for me to cover, but the incredible generosity that the DCC community demonstrates during our annual drives continues to meet all these needs, and more!

The specific funding and development goals for 2018 are listed following the prizes section, but in a nutshell, raising $1000 will cover basic expenses, $2000 will provide for helpful hardware purchases, and $3000+ will allow me to check off a number of tools wish-list items! (As usual, you folks are blowing my early estimates away! I've added a second stage goal, which I'll be using to add additional devices to the testing pool, up the Macbook Air to a more powerful model that will be able to completely handle any dev task I can throw at it, and add a second monitor and swing arm stand to enhance the iMac!)


To participate in this year's drive, just click on the PayPal button below, and give in any amount you can. You can receive cool rewards, so be sure to include your RPGNow email address in the PayPal comments field, or shoot me a message. (As noted below, if you give $10 or more, but less than $35, let me know which free adventure you'd like to receive! If you give $35 or more, you get them all!)

If you're going to receive a Special Treasure for being a top donor, I'll contact you requesting your list of top choices, as well as your address for mailing physical items. Unless otherwise noted, many physical treasures are only available to pledgees in the United States, unless we work out special arrangements. Thanks to all of you who continue to support the free tools!

Prizes! Prizes! Prizes!

In addition to the amazingly generous folks who give to the drive, there are others in the community who provide stunning, often unique prizes. Many items in this pool of goodies are distributed randomly to lucky winners who donates $10 or more. There are also special treasures that can be claimed by those who are especially generous. (The most generous backer has first choice in this pool, and so on). Those who give $35 or more will also be enshrined on the Purple Sorcerer Patrons page!

Every year I’m stunned by the generosity of everyone involved. If you’d like to get in on the fun by donating something to the prize pool, just let me know as soon as possible! The drive ends on June 30th, at which time the random prizes will be determined, and I'll begin contacting the most generous donors.

Special Treasures

The special treasures available to this year's most generous donors are, as usual, amazing! The list includes:

Random Prizes